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Khairy ‘speechless’ over MCA Youth’s antics

The outspoken Khairy Jamaluddin was ‘speechless’ today when asked to comment on the harsh criticisms from the MCA Youth which seemed to target Umno.

Despite sitting through the two-hour-long opening ceremony of the annual MCA Youth meet in Malacca today, the Umno Youth deputy leader was in the dark on the content of the MCA leaders’ speeches as they were mostly delivered in Mandarin.

MCA Youth chief Liow Tiong Lai in a fiery speech said the movement will not compromise extreme racism and accused certain quarter of stirring up the Chinese community’s sentiment.
In an apparent reference to Umno Youth, Liow - while leading his committee members to wave copies of the Federal Constitution - also said people should wave the constitution instead of brandishing the keris, a traditional Malay dagger…

When the opening ceremony was over and journalists were all ready to ask Khairy for comments on the speeches, the only response from him was that he has to read the speech first.

Asked to comment on Liow’s remarks on waving the constitution instead of the keris, Khairy replied: “Did he say that? I have to see how it was phrased, I don’t understand Mandarin.”

To other questions on Liow’s comments, he reiterated that he has to read the full text before responding.

Asked whether he has received a translated version of Liow’s speech, as claimed by the MCA Youth head, Khairy replied: “No… ehhh… we are getting it.” …

Immediately after Khairy’s brief chat with the media, he returned to the VIP guest room and was overheard asking what Liow had said in his speech such as the remark on the keris.

Explaining, the MCA Youth chief was heard responding that he only informed the delegates on “what had happened”.

At this juncture, a MCA official immediately delivered a copy of the translated Bahasa Malaysia speech to Khairy, which was taken by an Umno Youth member. The brief encounter was believed to end in an atmosphere of embarrassment.

Source: Malaysiakini.com

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CyberTrooper UMNO...jom kiter serang blog pembiayaan Amerika ini!Penulisnya selalu menulis mengutuk Khairy.Setahu aku, Khairy Jamaludin friendly orangnya...memanglah muke tak senyum..tapi dont judge the book by its cover.Mungkin ko tak kenal die lalu ko asyik kate kat die.sedarlah Najwan..buang air liur dan bil elektik ko je menulis bende-bende fasik nih..borang UMNO Putera ade banyak..jangan menentang kerajaan, sudah lupe ke ko jasa-jasa PakLah naikkan gaji kakitangan awam? nanti ko jugak yang merase kenikmatan gaji-gaji ni jugak...
-Kekuatan UMNO Putera

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Kekuatan Pemuda UMNO, pegi mampus la sama Khairy....